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Movie Spoilers: Crucial plot twists, endings & other minutae guaranteed to ruin the surprise in hundreds of movies, past and current. If you don't want to know what happens at the end of the movie, don't click here! 10048: The World Trade Center Movie Project: The goal: To commemorate New York's World Trade Center by compiling a canonical list of films and other mass media in which the twin towers appear. Lady in the Blue Dress: Stuff Paul Wilson Likes. "I'm a guy who loves The Poseidon Adventure, breaking glass, roaches, hairy chests & wigs, the 1950's, dolls, and rambling endlessly... It sucks to live in Phoenix..."
Paul McCartney Is Dead (Not!): How a Nation of Hysterical Teenagers and Respectable Journalists Was Duped Into Thinking Paul McCartney Was Dead, and Why. Sean Kelly Goes to Hell: The former National Lampoon writer (and bon wit) tells us who's in Hell, and why — and why "abandoning all hope" isn't such a bad thing. Party Games & Other Stupid Human Tricks: Our favorite tricks & party games — entertaining, and good, clean fun (really) that cost nothing!
The Poseidon Adventure: The world's first, biggest, and still the best! Accept no imitations. (And check out our big Disaster Movie Database!) Carol Lynley: She's beautiful, she's talented, she's funny, and we can't get enough of her! And there's a whole lot more to Carol than The Poseidon Adventure... Our YouTube Channel: Every once in a great while, we get inspired to make funny videos. (Vote our stuff up, and maybe we'll make more.)
Our Twitter Feed: We hardly ever tweet, but maybe if we got a whole bunch of followers, we would. Hint. Hint, hint... Hint.
Everything we created: Copyright © 1996-2012 (or 2013, if it is 2013 already and we forgot to change the year). All Rights Reserved. Everything we didn't create, we have permission to use, but rest assured, somebody does hold a copyright on everything, so don't steal anything. If you do, we will call upon Cthulhu to bring down the same fate upon you as Laurence Harvey suffered in that "Night Gallery" episode you can't stand thinking about. If you want to contact us, we don't keep a "contact" link anywhere, because spammers love us (and we hate them). So if you want to reach us, here's how: Finish the question, "Who shot___?", then add the thing that comes out on your screen when you hit the Shift key and the number 2, and then add the domain name to the end of it, and then use that to email us. Yes, we make it difficult (but not impossible) to contact us, because people are just plain evil. Evil, I tell you! Eeeevil!!! Oh, sorry, I was channeling the crazy lady in The Birds.
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